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Currently showing `Great Taste` entries from `2018`. They are sorted by `rating` in `descending` order.

Product Name Rating Company
Maremono 3 star Japanese tea shop SHINRYOKUEN
Craggs & Co Spelt Flour - Wholegrain 3 star Craggs & Co
Spelt & Honey Sour 3 star Peter Cooks Bread Ltd
Forgotten Orchard 2016 Vintage Perry 3 star The Purbeck Cider Company
Schwarze Kalamon Oliven mit Oregano Handgeschnitten 3 star Taste of Koroni
British Cassis 3 star British Cassis
Tofu & Wild Mushroom Soop 3 star SOOP
DABINETT MEDIUM CIDER 3 star Apple County Cider Co
Anchoas del Cantábrico en aceite. 3 star Conservas Montebuciero
Thompson's Signature Blend 3 star Thompson's Teas
Thompson's Special Everyday Blend 3 star Thompson's Teas
Tarocco Blood Orange Marmalade 3 star Artisan Kitchen
Seville Orange Marmalade & Vino Del Naranja 3 star Artisan Kitchen
Tokaj Balsamic Vinegar Pear-Lavender 3 star Best of Hungary
Colston Bassett Shropshire Blue 3 star Colston Bassett & District Dairy Ltd
Carlingford Oysters 3 star Carlingford Oyster Company Ltd
thyme honey μελομα 3 star μελομα
Organic Zambian Forest Honey 3 star Tropical Forest Products Ltd
Belazu Apple Vinegar 3 star Belazu
Traditional Wheaten Bannock 3 star Cookie Jar
Wessex Cobber Bread Flour 3 star Wessex Mill
Six Seed Bread Flour 3 star Wessex Mill
Mixed Grain Bread Flour 3 star Wessex Mill
Leg of Herdwick Hogget 3 star Yew Tree Farm, Heritage Meats
Mint 2.0 3 star Norges Tehus
Dark Balsamic (Crema) 3 star Fino Olive Oil Ltd
Wild Cherry Sorbetto 3 star Fabulous Ice Fires
Blackcurrant 3 star marmeLinda
Govinda Organic Plumage Archer Edition 3 star The Cheshire Brewhouse
Close Leece Farm Manx Chorizo 3 star Close Leece Farm
Ethiopian Duromina 3 star Pure Roast Coffee Ltd
Oriental Citrus Green Tea 3 star Shizuoka Tea Company Ltd
Crafty Brewing Company Irish Lager 3 star Lidl Ireland GmbH
Mascarpone & Caramelised Fig Ice cream 3 star Forte's Ice Cream
Pistachio gelato 3 star Bliss Gelato
Mango sorbet 3 star Bliss Gelato
RAASTAWALA INDIAN STREET SAUCES - Coriander and Chilli 3 star Raastawala
Fletchers Red Oak Premium Cider 3 star Fletchers Cider
Honey Miteloudi - Pine and Smilax Aspera Honey 3 star Alexandros Miteloudis
Blackcurrant Sorbet 3 star Fire and Ice
Apple Chai Shrubs 3 star Ballyhoura Apple Farm
Keltic Gold 3 star Whalesborough Cheese
FLORA TEA - Oriental Beauty 3 star FLORA TEA GROUP LTD
Russian Pie with Sea Bass and Cod 3 star The Russian Food Company Limited
Terra Rossa Baba's Rashi & Dibis with Sesame Seeds 3 star Terra Rossa
Temple Farm White Free-Range Whole Turkey 3 star S J Frederick & Sons
Free Range Whole Cornish Duck 3 star The Cornish Duck Company Ltd
Alfred Enderby traditionally smoked salmon 3 star Alfred Enderby