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Currently showing `Great Taste` entries from `2018`. They are sorted by `rating` in `descending` order.

Product Name Rating Company
Honey Miteloudi - Pine and Smilax Aspera Honey 3 star Alexandros Miteloudis
Blackcurrant Sorbet 3 star Fire and Ice
Apple Chai Shrubs 3 star Ballyhoura Apple Farm
Keltic Gold 3 star Whalesborough Cheese
FLORA TEA - Oriental Beauty 3 star FLORA TEA GROUP LTD
Russian Pie with Sea Bass and Cod 3 star The Russian Food Company Limited
Terra Rossa Baba's Rashi & Dibis with Sesame Seeds 3 star Terra Rossa
Temple Farm White Free-Range Whole Turkey 3 star Temple Farm Turkeys
Free Range Whole Cornish Duck 3 star The Cornish Duck Company Ltd
Fresh Brown Rice Miso 3 star Tideford Organics
Cornish Kern 3 star Lynher Dairies Cheese Company
Oat & Seed Savoury Biscuits 3 star Hillside Foods Ltd
Ethiopian Shalaitu Natural 3 star Monsoon Estates Coffee Company
56 Isles Aegean Wit 3 star Alexandrou Pavlakis IKE
Kumilio Fig Retseli 3 star Kumilio P.C.
6Somewhere Premium Semi-Dry Normandie Cidre 3 star 6SOMEWHERE LTD
28 day dry aged rib of beef on the bone 3 star Todenham Manor Farm
La Lieutenante - Olive Oil from the Vallée des Baux de Provence P.D.O. - Grand Cru Noir 3 star La Lieutenante
Seasoning oil extracted from olives – Foin de Crau P.D.O. and Mint 3 star La Lieutenante
Cheese & Onion Pie 3 star Albion Farm Shop & Cafe
Mushroom Salt 3 star Ballyhoura Mountain Mushrooms
Heather and Arbutus honey 3 star Evia Apiculture
Helen Browning's Organic Hot Dog 3 star Helen Browning's Organic
Topaz & Evelina Apple Juice 3 star Cotchel
Organic Russet and Bramley Apple Juice 3 star Tinkers Bubble
Conker Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur 3 star Conker Spirit
70% dark Madagascar 3 star Fjåk Chocolate
Pistachio Sorbetto 3 star Swoon Gelato Ltd
Blackcurrant Beauty 3 star Chococo
Signature Tastes Gubbeen 170Grm 3 star Musgrave Retail Partners NI
Salt Aged Lamb Striploin 3 star Hannan Meats
Lamb Bacon 3 star Hannan Meats
Rib, Brisket & Chuck burger (Unseasoned) 3 star Hannan Meats
Rib, Brisket & Chuck Burger (Seasoned) 3 star Hannan Meats
Grant's Sugar Pit Bacon Rack 3 star William Grant and Company Limited
Jess's Ladies Organic Farm Double Cream 3 star JESS'S LADIES ORGANIC FARM MILK
The Urban Fermentery Original Kimchi (Sesame) 3 star The Urban Fermentery
Eulogia of Sparta Chestnut Honey 3 star Eulogia of Sparta
Due Vittorie Apple Vinegar 3 star Agricola Due Vittorie Srl
Saddle of Colebrooke Venison 3 star Burren Balsamics ltd
nilgiri mao feng 3 star The Bellevue Tea Company Ltd
BEEACTIV Raw Ivy Honey 3 star BeeActiv
Doddington Cheese 3 star Doddington Dairy
Chocolate Cloud 3 star Tea Shirt Tailored Refreshments
Monty's Dark Secret 3 star Monty's Brewery Ltd
Udale Dry Aged Pork Belly 3 star Udale Speciality Foods Ltd
Transparent Vinegar full moon 3 star Pago de los Baldios de San Carlos
Eat the Bits Chilli Oil 3 star Tonkotsu